I had this blog started about five days ago. coming to terms with the reality of the situation and circumstances surrounding my life, plus its a Sunday morning, I’m up to nothing,just laying in bed and being lazy, and so it seems to be the right time to put a couple of thoughts to words.

”fool proof” hmm… ”fudge”…. well this is not a write-up on how to prepare the savory. it’s what I have become over time.I have experienced a lot of things in life. I will call them trials..yes. I succeeded through it all over the period and I have come to understand why and how I can experience inner peace and joy as and when these trials arise.

In my relationship with family and friends, my daily dealings and activities I have KNOWN betrayal, hurt, pain, and anger. some of these emotions happen one after the other and at some its been put in a blender and prepared as a smoothie, it all comes rushing together. I get stressed, depressed, and totally shuttered..until my moment of epiphany came and I thought to myself.but why do I have to allow certain people and circumstances dictate my emotions and bring me to this tons and tons of self-pity and ill feeling supermarket. I needed joy, I needed peace, God needed that for me too.I  prayed, I cried, I asked Him to take away all this hurt and pain, I wanted it all to go because it felt lik I was in bondage. I was a prisoner at a prison cell I created and punished  myself for things other people did wrong. But how can I do this to myself??  I can’t control how people act towards me but YES I can control how I react.I choose freedom I break my prison walls ..i don’t want to be punished for people’s dishonesty and  shrewdness.

I came out a foolproof, am saving for serenity each day as it goes by because this not only what I want but what God had promised me.

“now may the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with you now and always “


4 thoughts on “FOOLPROOF fudge

  1. A great piece. That’s why life has never been fully explained by anyone, but we each can make good decisions, relate with the right people and walk with God to make our lives powerful, fun and pure.


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