February 12th thirteenth… 15th

I hated February the 14th, we’ve had this bad connection since ever.. It just happened that on 14/02 I was either single or in a bad relationship. It was actually the time period I became more aware of my singlehood or again how much I needed to exit a terrible relationship because I deserved better.

Seeing happy couples some how peeved me.. Bae got me this… A picture of boo’s gift blah blah! Was infuriating oh lawd!

So here was one strategy I deviced.. In order not to see happy couple posts and quotes, silly single’s skit and photo quotes on the internet.. Or people I barely even like, calling or texting me…I just stayed home or got busy busy with basically nothing and then switch off my phone from the night of 13/02 to the morning of 15/02 (yaas babe!)

I can quite remember the feeling on such mornings. I was so fulfilled. Like I conquered Goliath (ahahah).I survived a valentines day. Lol

That was then when I fully didn’t understand exactly how I had to show love and reach to people who feel less loved. Human beings are selfish.. Only seeking to gratify the self hence everything is all about “me”.. Me.. Me… What are you getting for me? what are you gonna do to show me love? buy me this, make me happy and get me that, to the extent that even the day set aside to show love is still about “me”

Love is huge! We limit it when shared only with a person and then wanting something in return for the love given. Love has to be shown to an entire people unconditionally

We can grasp this concept looking at Christ that he so loved the world he gave his only son. He didn’t love the world because he was going to get something back(gift) neither did giving away his son to be crucified was to gratify himself.. It was for the greater good!

I enjoyed 14/02 today. For the first time In forever. people I have never met or heard off showed me such warm love that blew my mind and of course from my beloved too.

It didn’t have to be gifts… A few kind and loving words was just enough.

I’m looking forward to next valentine’s


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